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Ultrafast Systems products are easy and intuitive to use. The technical and admin support before, during, and after the installation is truly excellent. We have a very-early generation Helios/Eos, a newer Halcyone, and an even newer Helios/Eos-IR. Even the ~12 year old Helios/Eos still works perfectly, and any time I've had a query (usually due to some new thing we're trying to do) the technical team has been very helpful, they've never said "No". I would recommend to anyone wanting to do ultrafast spectroscopy, the time and stress saved compared to building your own is immeasurable!
Prof. Samantha Hardman
Manchester University
By using Helios and Eos, we can do a lot of things on the excited-state evolution and their kinetics of photo functional materials. Helios and EOS are very easy to operate, easy to learn. Our students can complete the experiments of ultrafast femtosecond and nanosecond transient absorption measurement by themselves.

But I still have several suggestions on Ultrafast System. Up to now, the high spatial resolution, as well as ultrafast time-resolved resolution, are important for the characterization of materials. I hope Ultrafast System can help the old customer to update the system to microscopy femtosecond and nanosecond transient absorption.
Prof. Mingde Li
Shantou University
The signals collected by Helios, a product of Ultrafast Systems, have an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The interaction between the device and the researcher is very user-friendly and automated. The technicians are very professional and responsive. It is a big booth for scientific research.
Dr. Shenlong Jiang
University of Science and Technology of China
I do like the Ultrafast Systems’ products and I have recommended them to many colleagues in the field. The key is the combination of reliability and flexibility, making it perfect for collaborations. As you see, we have engaged a large fraction of our department in collaborative work based on the Ultrafast Systems’ products.
Prof. Gregory Scholes
Princeton University
The HELIOS/ EOS and HELIOS IR spectrometers are outstanding - they have excellent performance, they are very consistent and reliable, and very easy to use. Ease of use is very important for our lab, where people range from very experienced to first-timers. As a result most of the time in the lab is spent on experiments and everyone loves using the Ultrafast Systems' spectrometers because the data can be obtained and analyzed very intuitively, efficiently and quickly with the integrated software. Customer support - for installation and customization, by the engineers, and everyone at Ultrafast Systems, has been extraordinary. Most highly recommend the products and the company.
Prof. Dimitar Sasselov
Harvard University
We have been using the EOS and Helios in our group since 2017 to investigate the dynamics of a vast spectrum of system ranging from semiconductor molecules in thin-films to photoisomerization in proteins. Both devices are very reliable with a down-time in the last years of only a few days. In my opinion, the advantage to use such a commercial transient absorption setup is twofold: (i) new users learn very fast (ca. 1-2 days) how to perform standard transient absorption over 9 orders of magnitude in time (fs-us), and (ii) much less laser beam time during measurements due to easy alignment and maintenance.
Prof. Tiago Buckup
Universität Heidelberg
The HELIOS is by far the most user-friendly transient spectroscopy system I have ever worked on. It offers a very impressive set of features that coherently lead to decent spectral and temporal resolution and sensitivity. The system allows us to largely get relieved from tedious work of the setup and alignment of pump-probe apparatus, and fully focus on the essentials of photophysical and photochemical processes we are interested in. Definitely a worthy investment in my lab.
Wenshan Cai
Georgia Institute of Technology
I’ve set up a number of pump-probe experiments including a white-light continuum probe-based system. Based on this, I can certainly say that the attention to detail paid when developing the HELIOS instrument has paid off in terms of convenience and reliability. Since the moment we’ve had the HELIOS installed it has become one of the most used pieces of equipment in our labs and has certainly rewarded the investment we’ve put in.
Dr. Joel Hales
Georgia Institute of Technology
The HELIOS and EOS spectrometers have become the core of my user program. Maintaining an ultrafast transient absorption system for a wide range of users with highly varied backgrounds is complex, and the simple user interface and straightforward alignment allows me to support a much larger user base. That being said, the results from the system are not impacted by its ease of use, and are amongst the best I have produced.
Dr. Adam Schwartzberg
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
We are very happy with our HELIOS transient absorption spectrometer. The Ultrafast Systems engineers set it up over a 2-day period within a week of our laser delivery. We were able to get high quality data from the beginning, and it has been very reliable and robust since then. The software is also intuitive and easy to use and understand.
Dr. Jason Baxter
Drexel University
The EOS system is a great add-on to my broadband femtosecond pump-probe system. The two setups share the same kilohertz laser as the excitation source. EOS is a user-friendly, turn-key system. The high quality and thoughtful design makes it very reliable and convenient to use. All my facility users love the system. I would highly recommend the purchase of this system.
Dr. Su Lin
Arizona State University
The femtosecond spectrometer system we obtained from you is terrific, providing excellent and valuable data for us. We appreciate that very much. Because I have many friends in Japan, I hope that our high evaluation on your company help your business in Japan.
Dr. Shunichi Fukuzumi
Osaka University
The HELIOS system is the most convenient we’ve used for ultrafast transient absorption detection, and achieves excellent signal-to-noise with very little day-to-day adjustment. The technical and customer support have been excellent.
Dr. Emily Weiss
Northwestern University
We are very happy with the overall performance of our Helios/Eos system. Complete integration of both VIS and NIR transient absorption experiments over the femtosecond to microsecond time range has been exceedingly valuable for the systems we are studying. Experiments are quickly and easily reconfigurable for all of the different options. There is an easily customizable sample area for different sample conditions, including cryostats, films, and flow cells. The compact design of the entire apparatus frees up much of the laser table for OPAs/NOPAs and relevant delay lines. We strongly recommend this system for anyone wanting to be immediately productive in their transient absorption experiments.
Dr. Michael R. Wasielewski
Northwestern University
The HELIOS system has become one of the most requested instruments at the Center for Nanoscale Materials and is usually booked a month or two in advance.
Dr. David Gosztola
Argonne National Laboratory
Purchasing the HELIOS system has saved us a lot of time in building the instrument and writing the code. We use it all the time and it is great. The Surface Xplorer software is very good for analyzing the data. I would highly recommend purchasing this instrument!
Dr. Joy E. Haley
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
The HELIOS spectrometer from Ultrafast Systems is a state of the art technology that deserves to be on the benchtop of every photochemist. The pricing of the whole package is modest and it is user-friendly. For us, it was a big saving of manpower and time. The system is well thought out. Its simplicity, compactness and ease of use are some of the best features that I have ever seen in any commercial or homebuilt system.
Prof. Prashant Kamat
University of Notre Dame
We are very happy with our Helios/Eos transient absorption system. The Hyperion laser and the Apollo OPA are very compact and serve as reliable light sources for our experiment. The Ultrafast Systems team has been very helpful, always promptly addressing our questions or concerns. We would certainly recommend these products to other photoscientists.
Dr. A. Jean-Luc Ayitou
The University of Illinois Chicago
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