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The SURFACE XPLORER software is designed to save you a lot of time analyzing your transient absorption/emission data. Transient absorption spectroscopy data sets come in a form of a 3D surface and are usually quite large. When processed with third-party software they require a great deal of manual copying and pasting in order to display particular spectra/kinetics, perform non-linear fitting or simply remove bad data points. Analysis of time-resolved spectra can be very time-consuming!

In SURFACE XPLORER we took the data analysis methods that are most commonly used in time-resolved spectroscopy and made applying them as simple and fast as possible. This software helps a user to quickly analyze large data sets, understand the underlying photophysical processes, and easily export the necessary data for presentation or further processing in other software such as Origin, Igor, etc.


Various display options for dynamic surface

Averaging of multiple surfaces

Facile “stitching” of surfaces having different temporal and spectral ranges

Quick navigation through transient spectra and kinetics

Simultaneous display of multiple spectra and kinetics

Origin integration

Selected spectra and kinetics can be quickly exported into CSV files or directly into Origin

Quickly fit kinetics and export results into Origin with a single click

Create reports and export them into PDF or Origin with a single click

Time zero adjustment

Temporal chirp correction

Quickly and easily normalize spectra and kinetics

Delete “bad” spectra with a single click

Replace “bad” spectra with a single click

Subtraction of scattered light & background

Anisotropy calculation

Perform SVD and Global Analysis for pump-probe spectroscopy data


Surface Xplorer Installer

Version 4.5.14 – January.17.2024

Surface Xplorer Update

Use this if you already have an older version installed.

Wide Field Microscope Data Example

Data Examples

Batch Converter

Converts Your Data From .CSV To The .UFS Format

(Requires registration)

Surface Xplorer Manual

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