What is the probe alignment procedure in Proteus?

Note: This applies to the Proteus with a Newport Xe arc lamp.

First make sure all the lenses are positioned in the right order, see the picture below. Collimate the beam from the Newport Light Source. Place the first lens at 120-150mm from the light source. Adjust the lever on a light source to let most of the light go through the 75mm lens. Do not let all the light go through a lens, allow some clipping, around 2-5%.

Find an image of the light source arc after the 75mm lens and place the Sample Holder there. The arc image plane should be in the center of the Sample Holder.

Collimate the beam coming out of the Sample Holder with the second 75mm lens. Focus the light onto the Monochromator entrance slit with 100 mm lens.

Remove the Monochromator Output Telescope, power cycle the Monochromator (or manually set it to zero order) so you see the white light coming out of it. Play with the XYZ position of 100 mm lens to maximize the brightness of the output beam. You may also need to slightly rotate the Monochromator to maximize the output.

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