Educational Flash Photolysis Spectrometer

Spectral Range: 450-750 nm
Microsecond Time Resolution
No Laser Required
User Friendly

KRONOS is a portable flash photolysis spectrometer designed for transient absorption and emission measurements on microseconds and longer time scales. It is intended as a chemical kinetics experiment in university or high school teaching laboratories. KRONOS can measure solid and liquid samples in absorption as well as emission modes. KRONOS utilizes a Xe arc flash lamp with bandpass filters as an excitation source.

The photoinduced transient species are studied by passing the output of a white LED through the sample. After passing through the sample, the probe light passes through an interference filter which selects out a 10 nm wide segment of the white light spectrum. The detector voltage output is digitized and transferred to a PC for the generation of a kinetic trace and for further manipulations.

Features & Specs


User Friendly

No Laser Required

USB Interface

Safe To Use Without Eye Protection

VIS Spectral Range


Microsecond Time Resolution

Comes With Laboratory Manuals

High Sensitivity

Comprehensive Software


  • Spectral Range: 450-750 nm

  • Detector: Si Photodiode

  • Time Resolution: 100 μs

  • Built-In Excitation Light Source: Xe Arc Flash Lamp

  • Built-In Probe Light Source: Broadband LED


The KRONOS software is easy to install and does not require any configuring. The software operation is very intuitive. In the absorption experiment, the probe light intensity (Io), registered by the detector photodiode, is displayed on the right in real-time. So the student can see how the probe light intensity changes when the sample and the filter get inserted into the beam path. The switching between the absorption and emission modes only takes a single click. The time scale and the number of averages can be set from the same window.

Brochures & Examples

KRONOS Brochure


KRONOS Quick Guide

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